Have the Relationship You Want is more of an eye opener than a tome of secrets. It really puts aspects of love into perspective and makes you realize things you didn’t already know you already knew. The advice is so intuitive, yet because of the confusing way that men tend to act, having this guide can really help a woman get what she wants out of life and love. 

As a man, I can offer little testimony as to the actual usefulness of the advice, so instead I turned to the women. You have to understand that Rori Raye has managed to garner quite a following on the internet, with thousands of women subscribed to her newsletter from dozens of different countries. She has achieved most of this success through word of mouth, because her Have the Relationship You Want book happens to be of high quality and value to women. 

I was hard pressed to find any criticism on Rori Raye’s book around the internet; only unanimous praise. In this case, I’ll let the testimonials speak for themselves — Have the Relationship You Want is of great value to any woman who wants to mold and shape a relationship into the way it is in her head, and with the man of her dreams. 

Ease of Use:  

Rori Raye really tries to sell the point that her techniques and philosophies are practical and easy to apply, and not just intrinsical knowledge that is inpractical and hard to use in one’s own life. 

It seems that ease of use was a huge goal of Rori Raye’s, and for the most part she has succeeded – concepts are broken down and explained in plain English, with specific examples to illustrate her points. 

We do not see any reason that any woman would find the secrets in the book difficult to apply to her own life. However, it is up to you to make use of them; while Rori Raye gives great advice, these techniques are not magical and need you to do your part to turn your love life around! 

Customer Support:  

The company which handles sales and customer service for Rori Raye’s book, Hot Topic Media, is a credible company that has published other hit books, such as Christian Carter’s Catch Him and Keep Him and David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating. 

Emails are usually returned within 24 hours, and there are little to no complaints about the company’s business practices on sites such as BBB and ripoffreport. The few complaints that are out there have been resolved, showing this companies commitment to customer service. 

On top of that, Rori Raye and Hot Topic Media stand by this product, offering a full seven days to try it out before you decide to purchase it. Rori Raye and Hot Topic Media appear to use good business practices and do not hide from their customers. 

Have the Relationship You Want Overall:  

Rori Raye succeeds in giving top notch advice to women because she has been on both sides of the fence. 

Her book is attractively priced, and I find it hard to see how any woman’s love life could not improve if she just put to use even half of the advice in Have the Relationship You Want. 

Other Information: 

Have the Relationship You Want is over 150 pages in length, and covers a wide span of topics based on questions that Rori Raye gets regularly from women that she coaches. 

Rori Raye is a relationship coach that resides in Los Angeles. In addition to coaching others and even hosting her own radio show, she speaks at seminars, events, and has a great relationship with an equally successful man, and has now been married for over twenty years. A big part of the reason that Rori Raye is able to offer expert advice is because she has been on both sides of the fence — before her marriage began to work so effortlessly, Rori Raye had her share of turmoil and problems in her own personal love life.

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