By far one of the most stressful thing that guy has to learn is how to approach a girl of his dreams and how to ultimately win her heart. Meeting the girl of your dreams is a once in a lifetime chance and you would not want her to get away, would you? So how do you approach a girl and be able to win her trust as well? 

One thing is for certain, not all females are alike. A strategy on how to approach a girl may work for someone while it may not even affect another. You must also know that in order to meet women, you have to understand two things: women and yourself. 

First of all women are different. In order to learn about their vulnerable points, you need to really make careful research plus be patient about your ordeal. She may not appreciate you right away and may not even notice you but it does not necessarily mean that you do not exist. Take time to harness your knowledge about her likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc. Perfect your confidence to meet her to be able to gain her trust. Do not let previous experiences with women dampen your confidence; take these failures as a way to find the best strategy to use. 

The next thing to do on how to approach women is to get ready. Being ready has to start from your external appearance: hygiene, hair, clothes, shoes as well as how you present or carry yourself to show how confident you are. Stand straight, keep your head high and make sincere eye contact. Speak in a well mannered tone. Keep jewelries, piercings and blings to a minimum, dress casually wear a fresh scented smell and not heavy, musky perfumes. Walk confidently and don’t hesitate to introduce yourself. Women have the instinct to tell if a man is just bluffing or not. 

Do you need to use pick-up lines or flirt a little? Do what you think would be best for the situation. If she looks like a fun loving and easy-go-lucky girl then she will surely appreciate humor and some light pick-up lines. If she is mature or may be older than you, you can try flirting a little until she takes the bait and notice you. Make the first move without breaking the flirting game. 

It is a sure sign that you have gained her trust or have won her heart when she responds without hesitation. Getting her phone number, buying her a drink or a promise of another date are also perfect ways to signal that your approach worked. Techniques on how to approach women can also help you on how to approach or meet women other than your dream girl. You can learn to take advantage of this situation by advancing to another level by asking her out, taking her home and who knows; someday you may also ask her to go steady.

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