It takes skill to know how to attract and keep a man and win his commitment, and it’s a skill which some women do not possess. It is but possible to learn this skill, so that you can delight in pleased and successful relationships with men, and get them to stay committed to you. This article will tell you the basics of how to attract a man, but just like everything you read, you must always aim to grow your knowledge by striving to learn more. 

You may reckon that it’s impossible to attract a man from your previous experience, but reckon of all the pleased women who are in committed, loving relationships. They are able to get the men of their dreams and get them to propose within few months of knowing them. They seem to possess a special secret and if you want to know it too, then you need to learn how to attract a man and keep him coming back. 

How to Attract a Man – Simple yet Effective Steps 

First, start talking to everyone. 

Whenever you go somewhere, make a point to socially interact with the people that you meet there. It doesn’t matter what kind of people they are – other women, older people, kids, men. This may not sound like excellent advice on how to attract a man, but one of things that many women will grow up and even ancient without knowing is that men like women who are confident and assertive. Talking to others shows that you are sure of yourself, that you are not worried of meeting new people and that indeed, once you get talking to him, you will have something to say. It’s the same way for men as it is for women; would you want a man who is shy and hidden all the time? Women want men who are confident. 

The other thing to know here is that contrary to well loved belief, men are really worried of meeting and approaching women because there is the constant chance that they may be rejected. By coming across as socially assertive and friendly, a man will feel more confident as he approaches you. You will get many of them talking back to you of course, but all you have to do is look at them and choose the one you want. 

Play hard to get – it works 

Have you ever questioned yourself why men despise it so much when women play hard to get? It’s because it works. You make them fall in like and commit and this is what they don’t like because they have no control over it. You may have grown up being told that it’s incorrect to play games to make a man commit, but life itself is a game, and we all play to get what we want. We are always negotiating and persuading. Extend this into your search for the right man and you will attract him much quicker. 

The best way to play hard to get is to get something that you like to do and then commit to it. Let your man have to fight for your attention. They like challenges and he will do just that.   As you do all this, one principle should always be on your mind: 

Slow is quick with men 

Many women fail to attract a man because they are in a fantastic rush to do so. The more of a rush you’re in, the more he is worried that he will commit too soon. He starts to feel that he is not in control and this makes him push away. They always want to be in control. It may seem silly to you as a woman, but men are wired this way and resisting it will only make things harder for you. 

Instead, if you find a man and choose that he’s the one, don’t pressure him or make any direct demands. Let him make his choices to find a place in your otherwise busy life. Keep a few male friends around so that he is always aware that you’re not alone. He will start to get a sense of urgency and see you as a prize. He wants to get to you before anyone else.

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